Operation policy

Regarding user content within the service




Voice Cloud excludes words and actions that hurt or threaten the user’s mind and body. The use of the service may be restricted if the user and the user’s family, acquaintances, and animals are threatened.


– use profanity

– Slander/criticize other users

– Encourage users to agree

– Dissemination of false facts or information of others without consent

– verbal violence

– Behaviors that cause sexual shame, such as obscene language

– Words and behaviors that judge others based on facts that have not been confirmed

– Describe situations that pose a threat to the body

– All other content judged as abusive language

– depiction or transmission of acts of violence

– All other content that violates related laws and terms and conditions



Direct sexual acts or depictions of sexual acts equivalent thereto are prohibited. In addition, the intent of the content publisher is not taken into account when it comes to nude images, and images that are offensive to a large number of users may be taken down.


– Sexual and quasi-sexual acts

– Images in which nipples, genitalia, pubic hair, or anus are fully exposed or partially covered with stickers or other methods

– An image that emphasizes or enlarges a part of the body to the extent that its contours or curves are revealed

– adult products images

– Obscene content related to youth

– depiction of sexual activity

– description of sexual activity

– Use of images (real images, illustrated images, etc.)

– Voices that describe or suggest sexual activity

–  Inducing sexual activity, including sexual exposure

–  Sexual objectification of a specific person, including myself

–  Depicting or glorifying deviant sexual behavior

– janitor conversation

– use obscene words

– shared sexual orientation

– Sending pornography or sharing information


– All other content that violates related laws and terms and conditions




Regardless of the reason or target, words and actions that reveal disgust are not respected in Voice Cloud.



-Words and behaviors that discriminate against age, gender, region, country, race, religion, occupation, etc., or express or refer to them negatively

-Images created for the purpose of insulting or ridiculing a specific person

-Words and behaviors that discriminate, belittle, or ridicule the socially underprivileged

-All other content that violates related laws and terms and conditions




Dangerous words and actions that may harm other users and sharing of information are prohibited.


Criminal activity, glamorization or caricature of criminals


inducement or encouragement of criminal activity


Depicting the use or use of a weapon or weapon


Inappropriate depiction of bodily fluids, secretions, etc.


Images that include brutal scenes such as body mutilation and bloodstains


Images that arouse fear, such as ghosts and hallucinations


Suicide/self-harm beautified/suggested/relayed or specific methods are indicated, inducing double suicide


All other content that violates related laws and terms and conditions



Any act that violates the law, including those specified below, is prohibited.


– Describing, inducing, or promoting sexually-related illegal acts, such as prostitution

– broadcast while driving

– Post/dissemination of personal information

– Use of illegal programs, inducement to use, and information sharing

– Individual and group impersonation

– All other content that violates related laws and terms and conditions


Obstruction of service operation

Voice Cloud provides services for smooth communication between users through voice. Actions that interfere with users’ use of the service may be sanctioned.


(※ The right to interpret the following items belongs to Voice Cloud.)


act of data manipulation


chat over

repeat entry/exit

repeat false reports

Acts that are judged to adversely affect the Voice Cloud service

Violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

All other content that violates related laws and terms and conditions



Voice Cloud manages and regulates content in the following order.



1. Reception

User report reception and real-time monitoring

2. OK

Check account and activity violation history

3. Review

Review of violations such as operating policies

4. Action

Actions such as warning, blind (hidden broadcast), termination of broadcast, suspension of login, etc.



Login suspension period


Voice Cloud designates and operates the login suspension period as follows.


1 day → 7 days → 15 days → 30 days → 60 days → 300 days → permanent suspension


Depending on the number of violations for the same item, the login suspension period increases, and may proceed to permanent suspension in the future.





If you have an objection to the action received from Voice Cloud, you can file an objection through the customer center during the suspension period.


You can file an objection only once per suspension.

It is not possible to modify, add, or delete the contents of the objection after the application is completed.

Objections can be filed through the App’s customer support.

After reviewing the contents of the received objection, it may be canceled, impossible, or the number of days adjusted depending on the violation of the operation policy.