Lui Technology possesses voice recognition and wireless communication technology, and develops innovative products based on IT expertise and a corporate philosophy of creating products for the world.

We love make good thing to create value.

Developing innovative devices and platforms with specialized IT technology


2017-06.    corporate establishment

2017-08.    Patent registration (speech processing)

2017-10.    Venture company certification

2019-06.    MOU $2million in Europe

2019-10.    Reference from KOTRA GMV Conference

2020-01.    Participation in CES2020 in Las Vegas, USA

2020-06.    SEED Investment of 200 million won

2021-05.    Registration of USA patent rights

2021-06.    Corporate Research Institute establishment

2021-09.    Selection of startup leap R&D development project

2021-10.    Selection for DinoLab 2.5th batch

2022-03.    Excellent evaluation in government R&D

2022-06.    AI Voice, Image, and Video Cloud Service 

2022-12.    인공지능 Ai 음성공유 이미지 영상 클라우드 서비스