Smart transceiver for VIP interpretation

Voice AI TEAMS provides interpretation services on a smartphone without environmental noise constraints, without the need for a transceiver, and with no concerns regarding return, hygiene, or charging.

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Smart live voice-sharing platform for you

Voice AI Cloud is a smart tour solution for guides. Instead of cumbersome transmitters and receivers, it offers easy and convenient voice-sharing guides through an AI-based application platform service.

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Smart transceiver solution for conferences

Voice AI STATION is a solution for delivering audio through attendees' smartphones instead of a large transceiver system for large-scale conferences. There is no need to worry about the collection, return, and recharge of receiving equipment.

#Conference #AudioSharing #Large-Capacity


See your conversations with SefieTalkTalk

The SelfieTalkTalk solution is an app service that provides a new way of communication with real-time captioning service and multilingual translation through AI-based voice recognition and selfie mode.

#Selfie mode #translation #Remote captions

The easiest blood management APP service

AI Bloodcheck provides a convenient way to check blood sugar levels through automatic voice input and offers personalized health information through AI advice.

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Cloud-based smart home voice control APP

The Voice AI HOME solution is a framework that combines proprietary software code and IoT technology, providing voice control for smart homes through AI-based voice recognition and wireless communication technology.

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